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I am passionate about helping women overcome their anxieties, manage their stress and build the skills to feel confident in themselves and their choices. If you are feeling overwhelmed, unable to talk openly about your anxieties, struggling with daily life due to the physical nature of stress and anxiety, then I can help you in a calm, friendly and open way. 

I specialise in supporting women with Anxiety and/or Stress difficulties. I have seen incredible transformation within client's with Anxiety due to the nature of Hypnotherapy. It allows for a deeper understanding of the cause of your struggles, tools to manage and reduce symptoms and develops strategies to use should your difficult thoughts, experiences or behaviours arise again. My support includes, but are not limited to:








Despite specialising within the field of anxiety and stress, I can support with a variety of other difficulties you may be facing.  Please do get in touch today to discuss how I can help you regain control of your thoughts and life in a calm and relaxing process on any of the difficulties highlighted below.








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About Hypnotherapy

Every decision, experience or reaction we have in life, we absorb. Our subconscious mind kicks in and stores each and every one away, creating an automatic response should we experience it again.


Sometimes, these experiences, reactions or decisions can cause conflict in our conscious mind. When this happens, this can exhibit in an individual as fear, it may take control of your mind and may produce a response which inhibits our everyday life. This is when Hypnotherapy can help you to change that automatic process into a positive one.


Hypnotherapy uses calming and relaxing breathing to bring you into a state of relaxation which promotes change in your subconscious mind. Contrary to popular belief, during hypnosis you will be fully aware, but may find your mind just wanders as you embrace the relaxation through your mind and body. 

Hypnotherapy allows for transformation not just in the conscious mind, but in the unconscious, which leads to long lasting positive change. 

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Hypnobirthing is a combination of hypnosis and knowledge of birth, to aid a mother to be to feel calm and confident in both her knowledge and her body in preparation of and throughout the birthing experience. Working with the mum, your partner, or whoever is joining you on your labour journey, become empowered and confident to deliver your baby, your way. 


Approved by the Royal College of Midwives, I teach both the practical knowledge of pregnancy, labour and birth and tools and techniques to aid a confident and calm birth. 


Over 12 hours, you will gain a toolbox of knowledge and techniques to aid the birth you want, to bring your baby into the world, to trust your body and to empower yourself to know you will feel confident in however you birth plays out. 

About Hypnobirthing


About Sarah

Hi. I'm Sarah, welcome,  it is so lovely to virtually meet you.

I really discovered the power of hypnotherapy when working with clients throughout the pandemic. In such an unprecedented time, anxiety has been heightened, and the constant unknown of the world, has lead to many unable to cope with their anxiety, anxious thoughts and symptoms. After the initial consultation, they didn’t have to talk about the challenges of living with their anxiety, or triggering the symptoms. Within just one session, I had client's whose anxiety had began to alleviate. I had client's who entered the session's unable to leave their home, but after their journey with me, were able to move to a new area and thrive in social situations that a month before would have seemed impossible. 

Within our sessions together, you will find that we go on a journey together as part of the therapeutic process,  through a friendly and open approach to working with you, together we will help you free yourself from fear and feel confident and trusting in your mind. I ensure - 

Compassion - your challenges and individual experiences will be heard, felt and honoured within the sessions.

Working at your pace - you won’t feel pressured to overcome difficult experiences, we will work through them together in a way that is comfortable for you and implore techniques to utilise outside of sessions.

A personal approach - my natural approach is warm and friendly, I aim to ensure you feel comfortable at all times and that our time together is a collaborative journey.

I offer a holistic approach to the time any individual takes with me; to regain control of your subconscious mind, prepare confidently for birth or make a powerful change to live confidently and free of fear, for a calmer and more positive way of life.


If you want to establish if Hypnotherapy is right for you, please do get in touch for a short call or email before exploring sessions. 

I offer a free, no obligation, hour consultation, where we delve into you, your experiences, how I and hypnotherapy can help you and to ensure you feel supported and happy to allow me to help you. 

Head to the contact page and book in your consultation today!


'I had trouble going back to sleep once I woke up in the night, 4 sessions with Sarah and I am able to go back to sleep if I wake or simply sleep through the entire night' 


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